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AGRIVI is the award-winning global agritech company that delivers the market-leading

Farm Management Software (FMS) to companies in the food & agriculture industry.

AGRIVI FMS is a central digital agriculture platform that helps companies and all key stakeholders in the food and agriculture value chain to achieve an economically and environmentally sustainable crop production.


Farm Management Software Users

In Food and Agriculture Industry

Agrivi FMS platform is used by all key stakeholders of the agriculture and food industry, such as:



Ag Retailers & Input Producers

Large-Scale Producers

AgTech - One of the Fastest-Growing Industries

Agriculture is the largest global industry worth over 3 trillion USD. Growing global population, climate change,

and consumer preferences are driving a major digital revolution across the agricultural and food value chain.

The agri-tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries projected to reach

13.50 billion USD by 2023, and grow at a CAGR of more than 18% until at least 2025.


Are You a Good Fit for Dealer Partnership Program?

AGRIVI Dealer Partnership Program is ideal for companies who are supporting farmers 

in the agriculture and food industry by selling them input products, such as seeds, fertilizers, protection products, etc.; or providing Consulting services and Advisory services.


Get the opportunity to sell the product outside of the growing season to food producers.


Extending sales portfolio

by offering innovative software solutions to the existing customer network.

Advisory & Consulting

Transform your business, monitor customers in

a real-time and help

the producers making important decisions. 


Exclusive Benefits for Partners

Agrivi ikonice_wix_ravenue.png
Grow your revenue with
new revenue streams

Add new revenue streams by reselling the software license subscriptions to your customers. Offer additional services, education, training, or support services, and generate new incomes.

Agrivi ikonice_wix_market leading
Bring market-leading
FMS to your customers

Expand your sales portfolio

and bring market-leading FMS

to your customers, available

as a physical product in

the form of AGRIVI Box.

Agrivi ikonice_wix_sales.png
sales margin

Sell once and get your sales commission as long as the customers are using the product. The unique rewarding partner commission offers a high long-term sales margin through recurring revenues.

Agrivi ikonice_wix_perfect product.png
Perfect product for your existing customer network

AGRIVI FMS is a perfect fit

for your existing farmer network and great product

for extending the current

sales portfolio.

Agrivi ikonice_wix_customer loyalty.png
customer loyalty

Bring a value-added product to the most valuable customers and help them digitize

farm processes

and be more


Agrivi ikonice_wix_awards.png
Partner training
and certification

As AGRIVI Dealer Partner you will get suitable training and certification

to easily be on board

with our FMS product.


How Does Reselling of AGRIVI Boxes Work?

Select Partnership Tier

Select one of the offered partnership tiers with an initial number of AGRIVI Boxes and an attractive sales margin (30%-50%). 

product-front-box-mockup_main 3.png

Choose a CRM AGRIVI Circle for easier monitoring of all active customers. Know the exact time of license renewal and plan your income easier.

Sell AGRIVI farm management software

to your existing customer network and easily earn a

long-term sales margin.

Earn Long-Term
Sales Margin

When the customer renews license every year, you automatically get guaranteed reselling commission - without any additional effort.


Become a Partner

Apply for our Dealer Partnership Program.

Get the opportunity to resell the market-leading Farm Management Software.

Transform agriculture and food production of your customers.


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